TimTay Fall/Winter 21: Mảnh ghép tạo nên "vòng tròn" bền vững trong thời trang

<tc>TimTay Fall/Winter 21: Scraps that create a sustainable "circle" in fashion</tc>

Saigon, December 2021, TimTay returns with the Fall-Winter 2021 Collection (FW21) with 12 exclusive designs for womenswear.

The idea of FW21 was born right after the success of FW20, but had to be interrupted because of the 5-month long pandemic. December 2021, after many waits, FW21 is ready for public view.

One year has passed, FW21 retains the East Asian spirit of FW20 but adds the femininity of Vietnamese women - both traditional & modern.

Chapter 2 of the East Asian story 

The Eastern Beauty is the story told by TimTay in 12 genderless designs of the FW20 Collection, launched exactly one year ago. Following that endless inspiration, we continue to develop FW21 with 12 designs exclusively for Women.

Modern femininity, simple but enciting

In the image of rustic but prominent Vietnamese urban girls, sexy but discreet, femininity is conveyed by TimTay through 12 designs that are not constrained by common standards.

The designs focus on small but rich details: bib collar, fabric textures, pleated sleeves,... to enhance the sophisticated and gentle beauty of Vietnamese women.

 Detail of spread tube, pleated, inspired by lotus leaf. - Vietnam's quintessential national flower, applied in the design of the sleeves and pants.

The dress collar is inspired by the peach bib worn by Vietnamese women in the past.

Sustainable "circle" in fashion

Continuing the 7-year journey of pursuing sustainable fashion, TimTay always creates designs with high functionality, comfort and long-term durability, extending product life as well as the relationship between outfits and wearer.

In particular, many details that created FW21 were from excess fabric during the production of FW20, creating a new sustainable "circle" in fashion, giving a new purpose to scrap materials.

The typical patchwork detail in FW20 is subtly used by TimTay in FW21.

With that sustainable spirit, TimTay focuses on using used fabrics to make designs for accessories such as masks, bags, coasters,...

 The only bag in the FW21 Collection, inspired by hydrangeas, the floral detailing on the bag is hand-beaded for hours.

The mask in the FW21 Collection is an reinvented version - designed by TimTay to deal with the inconveniences that traditional masks bring: The form fits all, gently hugs all faces thanks to the adjustable fabric strap. The length can be freely adjusted; The fabric strap is long enough for you to wear around your neck to avoid losing it. FW21 Mask Patchwork version retains the signature fabric texture widely loved during the debut of FW20. However, the Black Femininity version is dotted with handcrafted flower details, creating a charming and mysterious look, giving an discreet silhouette.

Honoring the values of handmade items

Handcraft - TimTay's signature spirit, always present throughout the Collections. One of the highlights of the FW21 lies in the horn button detail. The horn buttons used in the Collection are of 100% natural origin, polished by the hands of artisans in Hoc Mon, Saigon. Each button is unique, showing solemnity, creating a gentle but delicate highlight for the whole outfit. 

Sustainable fashion is a journey - always long and challenging. The FW21 collection is a memorable milestone marking TimTay's maturity on this journey. We have made innovations, but still retain the same integrity and enthusiasm in each product as at the beginning.

Hope you always support TimTay on this journey.



Words: TimTay Team
Photo: Thanh Tien
Model: Katherine
Makeup & Hair: Thai Hien

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