TimTay Lụa 01: Lần đầu áp dụng kỹ thuật Zero-waste trên chất liệu lụa Bảo Lộc

<tc>TimTay Silk 01: First time applying Zero-waste technique on Bao Loc silk</tc>

After 6 years of affirming the brand with natural materials - especially linen, TimTay remains true to that commitment when continuing to launch a new collection based on high-quality silk materials from a prestigious Japanese partner. Minh Silk, Bao Loc.

Silk 01 is the first collection that TimTay applies the zero waste design technique with 70% of the design meeting the criterion of not having excess fabric when cutting, minimizing waste in fashion. This is also an important step forward in TimTay's pursuit of sustainable fashion.

Inspired by the classic cuts of the camo, four-piece and five-piece tops, Silk 01's 21 designs offer a more modern look, unleashing the charm of the body while still maintaining a discreet look. uniqueness of Asian women.


Silk 01's zero waste design is a technique that requires the combined calculation of three stages of Pattern Drawing - Shaping - Cutting to the size of silk fabric (0.9m or 1m1) to create a pattern. geometry leaves no excess fabric when cut.

The collection incorporates many handcrafted details such as patchwork, pleating, twisting, embroidery, crochet, and wire patterning. All create a harmonious overall design of moderation and uniqueness.

Silk 01 is a high-end fashion collection with high applicability. Designed with no size (free size) to fit all body shapes, freeing women's bodies from restrictive clothes, instead feeling relaxed for the wearer.


Silk 01's designs are made on 03 silk materials including: Habotai, Tussore, Shantung - representing 03 different beauties from silk, quality censored by prestigious partners Nhat Minh Silk, Bao Loc. The Color palette for the Collection is exclusively limited in quantity.

Through Bao Loc silk, TimTay wishes to contribute to promoting Vietnamese silk as well as giving customers the most authentic experience of this high-quality material.

A beautiful interplay of silk and ceramics

Silk 01 marks the creative combination of fashion and ceramic when using Pebble Buttons - Pebble Button as a solemn highlight for this Collection.

Cuoi Button is designed and hand-finished by Pottery Artist Man Thien. Each button is one-of-a-kind, inspired by the beauty of stones improvised by the waves, currents of water and nature. The softness of silk and the solidity of ceramic when placed side by side create contrasts but balance.


Words TimTay
Featuring Duong Tu Binh
Photographer Lee Anh

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