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TimTay Sustainability

Founded in 2014, TimTay is a fashion brand dedicating to the sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle. We only uses premium natural materials (linen, silk, cotton, etc...), and prioritizes creating with Zero-waste Design Technique to minimize left-over materials throughout our manufacturing procedure. We love to bring up relaxation to users as well as prolong our stocks’ life-cycle via loosening form, multi-purposed & durable products.

Kể từ lúc thành lập vào năm 2014, TimTay đã cam kết với khách hàng chúng tôi chỉ lựa chọn chất liệu có nguồn gốc thiên nhiên và xây dựng một phong cách sống bền vững cho khách hàng. Tất cả các thiết kế của TimTay đều được sản xuất tại xưởng của chúng tôi tại Sài Gòn, Việt Nam - đảm bảo việc quản lý chất lượng sản phẩm chặt chẽ nhất.

FW 20

Fashion through TimTay’s view is always portrayed as casual and relaxing outfits, giving the most laid-back sense when you put them on and they shall speak for your personalities and your underlying stories. 

Featuring 12 gender-free designs, TimTay Fall Winter 2020 Collection is inspired by the Indochina beauty with some mixture from 50s Western styles. Everything is placed on the set of Saigon Street in the 21st century. 

One of the highlights in this collection is the hand-crafted artworks co-designed and co-executed by Archivesashiko, an recycled clothing brand. The artworks picture the beauty of nature’s balance and regeneration, using two major techniques: Patchwork on Doodle curves and Japanese Sashiko needle-works. 

This is a limited collection, some original designs are only available up to 10 pieces. 


A project for last season designs A sustainable fashion project featuring last season designs. We alter the patterns and make use of left-over fabrics, with delicate workmanship to create new versions of the designs. Re-structure 01 is our first step on the journey of inexhaustible creativity.

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