Special promotion program for loyal customers of Tim Tay

- Total sales reached 10,000,000 VND within 03 months from the first purchase
- Not applicable to consignment products.
- Customers who are eligible to participate will be given a Tim Tay Love Membership Card

- 5% discount on all Tim Tay products (excluding consignment goods, not applicable with other promotions)
- Gifts for birthdays
- Participate in exclusive promotions for loyal customers every year

Maintain the program
- Tim Tay Love Membership Card is valid for 1 year from the date of card issue
- Maintain Tim Tay Love Membership: within 01 year from the date of issue, if the sales volume reaches VND 30,000,000 (excluding consignment), customers will be granted a new Card for the next year.

Special 'Thank you' offer for TimTay's loyal shoppers.

- If your purchase value reach: VND 10,000,000 within 03 months as from the first purchase
- Consignments purchase is not available
- Membership card TimTay Love will be issued when shopper meets the requirements

- 5% discount on any Tim Tay's products (not applied for consignments and other promotion (if any)
- Gift on Customer's birthday
- Join our Yearly Special Offers for loyal members only

To maintain the offer
- Your Membership will be valid for 01 year as from the day of receive TimTay's membership card.
- To maintain your Tim Tay Love membership: purchase value reach 30,000,000 VND within 01 year as from the day you receive TimTay's membership card, (not inclusive of consignments purchase); when this requirement being met, your membership card will be renewed