<tc>Our Story</tc>

Launched in 2014 in Saigon, TimTay is a TimTay is a Vietnamese design local brand, established in Saigon in 2014 and is motivated by regional cultures.

"Tim" is the heart, "Tay" is the hand, meaning that the works that were created with passion for crafts and from the heart.

Age or gender are not criteria for TimTay. We put a lot of effort into developing a way of life that values regional products, embraces diversity, and encourages creativity.

TimTay introduces Life: Targeting the Masses in 2022, broadening its product line from apparel to home care.


TimTay primarily utilizes materials made of 100% natural components, such as flax fiber (linen), cotton yarn (cotton), recycled yarn, and pure silk, to both speed up the environment's natural decomposition process and access to gentle garments.

To reduce transportation-related emissions and assist local businesses, we constantly place a high focus on selecting reliable domestic suppliers.


Finished product quality comes first. Products must have durable materials, strong seams to help prolong product life and be easy to apply in daily life.

Excess fabric in the production process is always kept for reuse and recycling into products. Most of TimTay's designs are creative according to the criterion of zero waste to minimize waste of materials.


To encourage sustainable consumption, TimTay offers a free repair service so that customers always receive products that fit the best. In the event of a damaged product, TimTay can also be sent for repair, regardless of how long ago you bought it. We also built a public group on facebook called TimTay Exchange, encouraging customers to exchange TimTay clothes that they no longer fit to prolong the product's life cycle.