Gợi ý phối đồ Nữ linen Thu-Đông cùng các thương hiệu Việt

<tc>Fall-Winter women's linen outfits with Vietnamese brands</tc>

Embracing the body with natural materials, TimTay shares some ways to coordinate outfits with some accessories from Vietnamese brands to make the Fall season more lively, relaxing, light-hearted and with interesting stories revolving around it. around your everyday outfit.

- Ava dress, one of TimTay's early designs
- Women's Casual Kimono sizeless, assembled with fabric and hand-embroidered to create a highlight, easy to combine with all types of outfits.
- Horn Necklace designed by TimTay design and craft.
- Pretty Simple, durable and washable recycled paper tote bag.

- Dried Pink Linen Shirt, limited edition.
- Salt and Pepper Linen Pants with elastic waistband and extremely pleated cuffs comfortable.
- Sales Staff's vintage fabric assembled tote bag and your "home-made" straw hat 

Graphic Design were given to me by my knitting aunt.

- Purple Potato Linen Dress has an Asian beauty, discreet and tender. The fabric at the shoulder of the dress was reused from leftover fabric to make a Potato Peel Linen Jacket.
- Potato Peel Linen Jacket can be worn on both sides, buy 1 and get 2. 
- Brand's leather Bucket bag TheMay brand, incorporating brocade fabric that is 

handwoven by the Cham people.

- Linen Khoai Vang Dress, although short-sleeved, if combined with a turtleneck sweater, it still creates a warm and outstanding outfit.
- Hydrangea Linen Bag, an elaborate bucket bag with many handcrafted details and a "haunting 

image" to those who make it, but Thanks to that, this bag is always sold out.

- Linen Potato Peel Jacket, one side is Linen, one side is Cotton, all 100% natural fibers, environmentally friendly, skin-friendly.
- Dried Pink Linen Dress - limited edition, hand embroidered with insect motifs.
Combined with a pair of Socks lovely pink color of pure Vietnamese shoe brand, ONE.

- Insect Linen dress in Betel Bag Red color, hand embroidered with insect motifs.
- Hand-embroidered Casual Linen Jacket, no size, friendly to all body shapes.
Combined with dyed square scarf Your indigo Leaf Picking and Avocado Socks and Socks from the pure Vietnamese shoe brand, ONE.

- Electronic Dress, limited production with 2 hand-embroidered and crocheted versions with thread colors of  Beige and Neon Orange. Thick 100% Cotton Khaki material, avoid summer heat and winter cold with a classic turtleneck sweater.
- Keep your feet warm with Socks from pure Vietnamese shoe brand, ONE.

*TimTay would like to thank the Vietnamese brands for helping us complete the outfit sets this time.

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