Vũ Thị Hà: Sáng tác là hành trình tự chữa lành và khơi gợi cảm hứng

<tc>Vũ Thị Hà: Painting is a journey of self-healing and inspiration</tc>

Painter Vũ Thị Hà has always been fond of art and allured by the diverse ways express it since her young age. Her Grandpa used to bring her to a youth facility where Hà realized she had a special connection to the art world. This had ignited a passion in her, marked her first step to her dream and the artisan journey.

“I finds it is hard to express myself in words and actions,
The process of painting is when I can listen to my
own story, taking a closer look at events,
the people and show it all on the painting”.

Before each session, Hà ponders a lot, placing why and how questions, and then with each brushstroke, she searches for deeper feelings in her ego that sometimes herself couldn't see. With every moment she spends, Hà goes back to listen to her heart, gently chats with herself to understand deeply about the world view and what she really wants. It's magical, she feels as if creating art is a healing journey and inspirations have always been within us.

Open - Watercolor on silk, 2015

For a while, Hà had been painting objects, places and acquaintances. These can be real life paintings, set in the present context, but they can also be introduced in some imaginary, vivid space that she had seen in a dream or in the past.

Hà revealed: “I often paint old items in my works, things that no longer exist but only linger in my mind. Sketching them helps me revive them and in another way, sometimes I consider myself fortunate because I can draw them all.”

The Connection - Watercolor on silk, 2018
Our World - Watercolor on silk, 2017

“Painting is a process of connection and dialogue, 
connect with yourself and have a dialogue wih the things surround you.”

And for that, small simple things such as palettes, paintbrushes, easels or places to paint will all affect Hà's inspiration.

While painting, besides herself, she also constantly talks and delves into the objects, scenes and events in the picture. Those are profound conversations that only take place when Hà truly immerses herself in the work. She explains: “Maybe it's because I have always spent a moderate time researching when I want to draw someone or something. So when I paint, I feel like I'm facing and having a direct dialogue with them."

“Art is freedom”
and Ha finds joy in her own freedom.”

Hà does not want her works to be limited to a specific pattern or standard. Therefore, she always let her mind wander into many different states, whether past, present or future. As long as it can convey thoughts and evoke deep layers of raw emotions.

 Hà revealed:“Recently, I often draw about my family. Because that's where my mind is at. I adore my family and art is a gateway to connect her with them even more. I see myself as a person who is difficult to open my mouth to ask or open up about something.

There are things people are limited to, thoughts and conversations that are difficult to express in words, but to me, all can be said by painting."

Fish - Watercolor on silk, 2016
The girl and the lanterns - Watercolor on silk, 2019

“I will still paint, because I want to continue to do meaningful things, for myself, then to make an impact on the community or simply to make someone happy to see my work.”

Convo with ostriches - Watercolors on Silk, 2017

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Featuring Vu Thi Ha
Photographer TimTay team
Words Hong Ngan

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