Hân Huỳnh: "Sự tiện lợi của người tiêu dùng là mục tiêu cuối cùng của sản phẩm"

<tc>Hân Huỳnnh: "The convenience of the consumer is the product's ultimate purpose."</tc>

Listen to the CEO of the MỘT shoe company and a loyal TimTay customer as she discusses her fashion preferences.

"I love minimalism and convenience. Unpredictability and TimTay's attire appeal to me"

As a production worker who frequently needs to move about, Hân always strives for simplicity and functionality in casual dress. For Hân, clothing is for daily activities; thus, the more utilitarian and appropriate they are for all activities, the better.

Hân focuses on simplicity and selectivity in design while creating the MỘT brand, since that is how she lives and what she wants to achieve. Han is aiming for this factor if MỘT is a full-day partnership that makes shopping for garments convenient for the client. Hân's clothing is functional and comfortable; it can be worn to work, to meet partners, or to go out with friends. Regardless of the situation, that clothing will be appropriate and meet aesthetic requirements.

"TimTay's attire makes you feel as though you're wearing nothing"

Hân continued, "The reason is probably because TimTay uses a lot of really light and fluffy materials." When you wear it, you don't feel like you need to worry too much about your appearance; instead, you can be carefree and concentrate on what you're doing while still satisfying your aesthetic needs thanks to the light designs and neutral hues. satisfied. That sense of freedom and safety that TimTay gives Hân is something that not every brand has.

"Hân never wears clothing that prevents her from riding a motorcycle because she dislikes having her mobility restricted." Since the majority of Vietnamese people currently come to work on motorbikes, Hân must drive a lot every day between her home and the store, as well as occasionally to the factory to meet customers or introduce goods. So when Hân is riding a motorcycle, she always prioritizes wearing comfortable clothing.

Currently, the majority of Vietnamese people have to travel by motorbike and Hân alone has to travel a lot every day, from home to the store, the factory sometimes meets customers or introduces products. Therefore, Hân always prioritizes comfortable clothes when sitting in the car.

“In all situations, Hân is unaffected by the majority.”

In addition to unchangeable factors such as weather or work requirements, Hân depends on personal needs and preferences when choosing or deciding anything for herself. Because Hân thinks each of us has been living for others, because of the surrounding influences too much, so as soon as she has the opportunity, Hân wants to pamper herself more.

Hân prefers "affordable" and "suitable" items, so there's no reason for her to follow the trend. "Both MỘT and TimTay are seeking to find their own design language for Vietnam, not based on what is known as a pure symbolic image but on a very realistic lifestyle and the needs of modern living," Han realized.

"The ultimate goal of the product is consumer convenience."

To be honest, the clothes Han wears, especially the ones bought at TimTay, may not be the latest and most popular models, but they are her most appropriate and favorite ones.

Han wearing: Carmen Dress (sold out), Eggplant Top (sold out), Celery Pants (sold out), Daydreamer Top, Blueberry Top (sold out), Blueberry Skirt (sold out), Broccoli Shirt (sold out), Broccoli Pants (sold out), Kiko Dress.

Featuring Han Huynh
Photographer Barack Huy
Words Hong Nhu
Shoes ONE

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