Gợi ý phối đồ Nam linen Thu-Đông cùng giày MỘT

<tc>Fall-Winter men's linen outfits with MỘT shoes</tc>

Some of the latest designs mark the return of #timtaymen, exclusively for the LIFE line.

Using only natural materials, TimTay Men focuses on designing small details with personal impressions, pursuing durability, precision, and comfort with the hope that you can stick with the product. Longest lasting product.

Below are some mix-match suggestions from TimTay for the transition period, combined with pure Vietnamese shoe brand - MỘT (@motdoigiay)

- Casual Linen Shirt 
- Casual Linen Kimono 

no size, assembled with fabric and hand-embroidered to create highlights, easy to combine with all types of outfits.
- Linen Jogger Pants designed elastic cuffs Many hidden pockets, meeting your habit of "putting everything in your pocket".
- Brand New Leather Shoes in Jet Black from ONE.

- Linen Shirt with Secret Pocket, focusing on the design of combined shirt pockets Hand embroidered, for the wearer to slowly explore.
- Lambretta pants represent TimTay's desire to create a standard pair of trousers that everyone must have.
- New Life canvas shoes in Freshwater color from ONE.

- White Linen Shirt (Men In White Shirt), special with detailed front slits and hand-embroidered red thread on the shoulders and cuffs.
- Kimon Linen Ba Trau, limited edition. No size, suitable for all body shapes.
-  Linen Jogger Pants Elastic cuffs help keep the overall outfit neat.
- Life-New Real Red canvas shoes from ONE.

- Casual Linen Shirt in Black. Minimalist, easy to combine.
- Linen Lambretta pants basic shape, combined with elastic waistband at the back for maximum comfort.
- Navy Blue Casual Canvas Shoes by ONE.

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