Cùng Đặng Văn Phúc đối diện với con "quái vật" của chính mình

Join Dang Van Phuc to face his own "monster".

TimTay Launches Limited Collection in Collaboration with Conceptual Artist Dang Van Phuc with 100% natural material from linen & cotton, environmentally friendly. All designs use manual printing techniques, combined with hand drawing done by him.

The collection uses 3 artworks by Mr. Phuc, representing Wood - Water - Fire (File) within the theme The Five Elements appears on TimTay's basic designs with minimalist, applied and genderless cuts such as: long-sleeved shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and canvas tool bags made from recycled fabric Redundant, stickers... use two colors Black - White.

"Face your own monsters - they could be a bad habit, anger, jealousy or negative, self-destructive behavior. It's hidden deep within each of us and from time to time arise. But you know, when you recognize them, you have won half of this "battle"." - Mr. Phuc's sharing about the Collection.

Hand-drawn skateboard by Dang Van Phuc

On the occasion of Mr. Phuc's return to work in Vietnam, TimTay held an event to launch the combined Collection Live painting - Glass painting performance and Workshop with the same name "Find your inner monster" on January 26, 2023, with music by DJ DeKay and craft beer sponsored by De Me.

With the skills of leading, exploiting and telling stories with images, Mr. Phuc uses different painting techniques with only black ink to help you create your own emotional monster, contains its own story.

The student is "presenting" about his monster painting.

Mr. Phuc painted on TimTay's glass door, without sketching, using only one brush stroke throughout, seamless.

Customers come to shop and socialize at the event.

You can purchase this limited, non-restock Collection here or experience it directly at OHQUAO 58/12 Pham Ngoc Thach, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, Saigon (Hotline: 0708337556 - 0799830021) 

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