Bùi Thu Ngân: "TimTay luôn có cách giúp mình thoát khỏi vùng an toàn"

<tc>Bùi Thu Ngân: "TimTay always has a way to help me get out of the box."</tc>

TimTay spent a day with Bui Thu Ngan, the founder of the meditative painting

model Tipsy Art, to learn more about her philosophy on life, way of thinking,

and why she always chooses TimTay garments as a companion.

4 years of friendship with TimTay

This period of time fulfills Ngan's definition of a predestined partnership. 

When I first met TimTay in 2018, Ngan first felt some of the designs wouldn't fit 
her, but after trying them on, she fell head over heels in love and hasn't let go since. Ngan doesn't have to worry about picking out clothes for both cycling to the market to buy flowers and going to work every morning with Timtay's attire.

Ngân enjoys wearing TimTay's designs wherever she goes, whether she's 
brewing tea, arranging flowers for relaxation, preparing art supplies, tidying up after workshops, or interacting with clients and staff. Ngan is self-assured and at ease in her own presence in every situation, no matter where she travels or what she does. Ngan realizes that TimTay always finds a way to simply assist her in stepping beyond her private comfort zone.

Intrigued by the subtle accents

Ngân, a loyal client who owns practically all of TimTay's designs, was particularly taken aback by the accents on her attire. It can be a simple knot, fold, border, or hand-embroidered flower, but it is meticulously chosen to add a distinctive element to each design.

In addition, TimTay's usage of linen material appeals to Ngân. Ngân usually uses a bicycle as her primary mode of transportation. Because of the constant movement, interaction, and flexibility required by her job, Ngân must always dress comfortably. TimTay's garments just so happened to fulfill Ngan's demand.

Ngân has been a loyal customer of TimTay for 4 years. This is in part due to the delicate design with meticulous accents and in part due to the linen material TimTay chose, which is incredibly soft, long-lasting, and does not lose its form after numerous washings. Many people won't wear linen because they assume it's too wrinkled, but Ngân believes that a little bit of wrinkling is necessary to show off the natural beauty of the fabric.

TimTay and Tipsy Art both seek to relax clients

After following TimTay for a while and seeming to be close buddies, Ngan discovered that TimTay and Tipsy Art share many similarities in that they both want to give clients the greatest comfort and satisfaction.

Customers of Tipsy Art range from children who enjoy drawing to professional artists. There are no limitations or prerequisites; simply the phrase "enjoy to do, grasp a brush to draw." By doing this, we hope to dispel common misconceptions about self-limitation, introduce clients to a new way of life, place an emphasis on experience and feeling, and embrace each moment as it is with all of our senses.

Customers of Tipsy Art range from children who enjoy drawing to professional artists. There are no restrictions or prerequisites; simply "enjoy doing, grasp a brush to draw." By doing this, we hope to dispel common misconceptions about self-limitation, introduce clients to a new way of life, place an emphasis on experience and feeling, and embrace each moment as it is with all of our senses.

 With TimTay, Ngan also feels the same things. It is a feeling of freedom and freedom when wearing the clothes you like, and the respect and preservation of the sustainable messages behind each product.

Ngân is wearing: Dramatic Top, Celery Pants - White (sold out), Dramatic Dress (sold out), Dramatic Croptop (sold out), Disco Diva Dress, Hipster Dress (sold out), Dragonfruit Dress (sold out) .


Featuring Bui Thu Ngan
Photographer TeTe
Words Hong Ngan

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