About Us

Founded in 2014, TimTay is a fashion brand dedicating to the sustainable & eco-friendly lifestyle. We only uses premium natural materials (linen, silk, cotton, etc...), and prioritizes creating with Zero-waste Design Technique to minimize left-over materials throughout our manufacturing procedure.
We love to bring up relaxation to users as well as prolong our stocks’ life-cycle via loosening form, multi-purposed & durable products


At the heart of TOAST is our commitment to supporting and sustaining traditional textile techniques and craftsmanship. We collaborate with artisans from around the world to create original fabrics and handmade pieces, whether it be shoe making in Northamptonshire, ikat weaving and block printing in India or indigo-dyeing in Japan. We celebrate and value the skilled work of these artisans and it is our privilege to play a role in the continuation of these age-old techniques.
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Everything we do, from choosing a particular yarn to our campaign photography, conveys a different pace to the bustle of everyday life. It’s no more evident than in our garments. Our design team create timeless pieces in modern, easy silhouettes and quality fabrics to ensure they last.


We are deeply committed to nurturing creative communities, fostering thought and enriching others. We work with artisans, weavers, and mills from across the globe. We also publish articles on the arts, culture, travel and books in our online magazine, bring customers together through our regular workshops and events and our yearly creative residency, and release seasonal podcasts.