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Nến thơm Lilou “Bữa tiệc mùa xuân”

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 Bộ sưu tập Bữa tiệc mùa xuân gồm 5 mùi hương:

- Ultimate Worrier: quả lựu đỏ và quả lê (mùi trái cây nhiệt đới chua ngọt dễ chịu)

- Very Very High Standard: gỗ tếch và rêu ngọt (mùi gỗ mát, ngọt nhẹ phù hợp mùa xuân hè) 

- Next Argument: hoa hồng bóng đêm (mùi hoa hồng dịu dàng, thư giãn)

A Little Nastier: mùi sữa hạt óc chó (béo ngậy, ngọt dịu)

- Switching Positions: hoa gai dầu, vụn gỗ, da thuộc (mùi ngai ngái rất đặc trưng, dễ chịu)

* Khối lượng:
Size nhỏ: 135g
Size lớn: 235g

* Nến thơm thuần chay, được làm từ sáp dừa mix sáp ong tự nhiên cùng tinh dầu/hương liệu nhập khẩu

* Mùi hương toả từ nhẹ nhàng đến mạnh mẽ, phù hợp với không gian vừa và nhỏ, bàn làm việc, bàn ăn, đầu giường...



Delivery Time & Shipping Fee:

  • Inner city of HCMC: Shipping fee VND 25,000. Receive goods in 1-2 days
  • Outside of Ho Chi Minh City: Shipping fee VND 30,000. Receive goods in 3-4 days
  • Free shipping nationwide for bill from VND 700,000

After completing the order process, the shipping unit will promptly deliver the package to you. Please pay attention to your phone to receive the package!

In case you are in the inner city and need to receive the goods urgently within the day, please contact TimTay +84 906 734 282 for the fastest support.


Free repair service

To provide a better fit and prolong the life of the garment, TimTay offers a free repair service for products with values at 700.000 VNĐ or more. Repairment includes waist reduction & alterations.

Please note:
- If the product’s value is less than 700.000 VNĐ , please pay an additional 70.000 VNĐ repair fee.

- Each product can be altered up to 2 times.

- Repaired clothes aren't negligible for exchange-return.


Please contact TimTay  for the most thoughtful customer service.


Exchange-return policy

  • You can exchange-return within 07 days from the date of purchase or the date you received the package (for online orders). The product must have its tags intact, no signs of washing, no odors and no damage compared to the original state.
  • TimTay's delivery will come to receive the package and return the product you want to exchange (if needed). You will pay for the two-way shipping.
  • After receiving the product back, TimTay will refund (deducted shipping fee) to your Account Number within 24 hours (excluding Saturday, Sunday & holidays) for the return request.

* Note:

- TimTay only supports exchange-return up to 3 times/customer.
- For orders from the e-commerce floor, the exchange-return policy will apply according to the e-commerce floor.

To request an exchange-return, you just need to contact TimTay and provide your order phone number for quick support.

  • Hotline: +84 906 734 282
  • Chat box (located in the right corner of the website)
  • Facebook / Instagram


    Sewing service

    To provide a perfect fit on all body shapes, TimTay launches a service to order custom sizes and change fabric colors with the available material palette. The service will have additional surcharges from the selling price as follows:


    Sewing order process

    1. You  contact TimTay  to discuss request for sewing. You will need to provide measurements 3 circumferences (bust-waist-butt) and height, TimTay will advise on the right size and attach material table for you to choose your favorite color.
    2. After confirming the information, please pay 100% of the order value. Orders will be completed within 14 days from the date of receipt of payment.
    3. After the product is sewn, TimTay will notify you before delivery.

    At the store

    1. TimTay will directly measure and note your 3 measurements (bust-waist-butt), height to advise on the right size. Then send material table for you to choose your favorite color and material.
    2. TimTay reconfirms the tailoring information including: Sewing request, material and delivery date after 14 days. Customers please pay 100% of the order value. 
    3. After the product is sewn, TimTay will take a photo to notify you before delivery.

    *Please note: 

    - Only accept orders for available designs of TimTay. TimTay would like to refuse requests for editing that affect the original design.
    - Does not apply return-return policy for custom-made products.