Tự làm khẩu trang từ vải thừa

<tc>Make your own mask from leftover fabric</tc>

Your closet is drowned in old clothes that you no longer wear?

A small warmup for our "Nghệ" project, TimTay filmed a clip with the content suggesting you recycle old clothes into a handy mask - an essential item when going out in the hustle and bustle of urban life.

TimTay's mask tutorial is aired on IGTV or you can follow the steps below:

Tools needed:

* Needles

* Threads

* Two scraps

* Thick paper for sew patterns

* Elastic string

Implementation steps:

1. Cut the paper according to the pattern prepared by TimTay below.
2. Cut the fabric according to the pattern into 4 pieces corresponding to 2 layers of masks, including the lining and the main layer.
3. Main layer: Sew the 2 patterns together with a blanket stitch.
4. Liner: Do the same as the main layer
5. Stack 2 layers of masks on top of each other, secure with a needle.
6. Cut 2 pieces of elastic band. Each piece is about 13cm . long
7. Place the elastic band between the 2 layers of the mask.
8. Sew the 2 layers of the mask together. Leave a section of about 5 cm to turn over.
9. Turn the main face of the mask out.
10. Sew the remaining 5 cm segment.

Message from TimTay

To be creative in making masks, choose a comfortable space and a cup of your favorite drink!

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