TimTay Fall Winter 2020 ft. Archivesashiko

<tc>TimTay Fall Winter 2020 ft. Archive Sashiko</tc>

TimTay defines fashion as "essential daily attire worn for comfort and to represent the wearer's ego, with fascinating backstage stories."

The Fall Winter 2020 Collection (FW20) features 12 non-gendered designs inspired by the beauty of Indochina mixed with Western clothing details from the 1950s. All are set in the context of 21st-century Saigon streets.

The handcrafted pieces co-created and executed by the recycled fashion brand Archivesashiko are one of the collection's most valuable features. The works depict nature's balanced and regenerative beauty through two main techniques: patchwork on curves inspired by Doodle art and Sashiko hand embroidery. Limited collection; some of the original designs are only produced in quantities of 10.

* Patchwork: The act of assembling small pieces of fabric into a large piece of fabric.
* Sashiko: The form of reinforced stitching appeared from the Edo period, Japan.
* Doodle art: Doodle art and abstraction.


The mysterious and vibrant colors of Indochina inspired the creation of FW20.

TimTay's Indochinese details are easily recognized through the details in the collar, the Chinese button or the curves, the slit in the sleeves, and the stitching, which is refreshed, simplified, and carefully placed into each design to create an image that is both traditional and modern, with 21st century street colors.


Sustainable fashion is the direction that TimTay has been pursuing since its inception in 2014. The concept of “sustainable” in design is the first thing we care about and the FW20 Collection is no exception.

FW20's designs focus on practicality, comfort for the wearer, high quality of finished products to help prolong product life. Some designs have many functions, diverse uses to create a diverse experience for the wearer, typically the Langbiang Jacket, inspired by the Liner M65 - American military adventure bra from the Vietnam War. Male. The shirt is quilted for warmth, can be worn on both sides, and the sleeves are removable.

For TimTay, the material is the thing that connects the wearer to the product for the longest time. We only use 100% natural materials, which can easily decompose over time. FW20 uses high quality linen and cotton fibers

The excess fabric in the sewing process is also used to design interesting products such as notebook covers, necklaces, masks, decorative scarves bearing the spirit of the Collection.


FW20 marks the first collaboration with recycled fashion brand Archivesashiko. With a knack for assembling fabric, using traditional Japanese techniques of Sashiko and Boro, Archivesashiko has applied it to FW20 to create impressive handcrafted works.

The fabric pieces are made in a curve inspired by Doodle art, requiring much more precise and meticulous calculation than assembling the usual geometric pieces. The overall work symbolizes the beauty of mysterious lands, where there is light, the flow of water helps to regenerate and balance life.

The FW20 collection is a collection of handcrafted designs produced in limited quantities, regardless of age or gender, as long as you have an open mind in fashion.

TimTay always strives to convey the spirit of non-stop creativity through each Collection. Hope everyone will pay more attention to creative products as well as the pride in wearing a Vietnamese design for Vietnamese people.


Words TimTay
Featuring Cao Boi Linh Khieu Anthony Hoang
Art director Barack Huy
Photographer Barack Huy, Meo Po
Video Cao Siu team

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